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Andrew Griffin

Fort Worth Family Law Attorney

Practice Areas


  • Complex Divorce Litigation

  • Separate Property

  • Business Valuation


  • Visitation

  • Modifications

  • Adoptions

  • Child Support


  • Child Support

  • Visitation Rights

  • Property Settlements

  • Spousal Support


  • Intervention in Custody 

  • Complex Family Issues

  • Substance Abuse & Parenting


  • Control of Asset Distribution

  • Full Division of Future Estate

  • Comfort and Peace of Mind


  • Biological Adjudication of Parentage

  • DNA Testing

  • Fraudulent Child Support Risk

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Our law firm specializes in helping people who are facing difficult divorce and family law matters. If your marriage is ending in divorce, we help you address the many specific legal matters that may apply in your case. When you are facing child custody determination or another legal issue involving children, we focus on ensuring that the best interest of the child is being protected throughout the legal process.

Each case begins with the presumption that it will go to trial, and we immediately start preparing for that possibility.
We then work backward from there to see if we can negotiate a better result for our client, but the client always has the "last word.”


We make sure that you have full knowledge of the legal process and are prepared for every step.  

Highly Respected

The Law Office of Andrew Griffin, P.C., is a highly respected Texas family law firm.  I practice primarily in the area of family law and represent clients throughout and surrounding Tarrant County.  My practice in family law is extensive, allowing me a unique insight into how to approach your case effectively in Court and getting the best decision for your case. The foundations of my reputation is ethical representation and the skill and precision in argument before the Court.

Understanding | Experienced | Aggressive

Family law is an area of law that requires understanding many different facets of the law, including divorce, pre-marital agreements, division of property, business evaluations, child custody determination, visitation, adoption, and grandparents’ rights. Family Law is an emotional problem that needs to be handled with precision.  I will compassionately help you through your family problems but provide the technical expertise to successfully argue your case.

Comprehensive Legal Services

I handle a broad range of legal services including divorce, premarital agreements, division of property, partition agreements, business evaluations, child custody, visitation, adoption, including step-parent, termination of parental rights, enforcement of prior court orders, child support, medical support, disabled child support, spousal support and maintenance and grandparents rights.


In addition, my practice includes criminal matters, wills and trusts, and real property contracts.

Practice Areas


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Divorce Attorney

I am Andrew L. Griffin, Attorney at Law. I began my law career in Family Law working for a preeminent attorney in Tarrant County, J. Steven King and continue to practice primarily in Family Law. I was fortunate to have gained quick experience and insight into family law through complex divorces that included large property settlements and high conflict child custody litigation. I am also a trained mediator in family law.


I strongly believe that everyone deserves the confidential, trustworthy, and diligent work of an experienced family law attorney. I know all too well the complexities of family law. It can even be potentially dangerous without proper representation. The process of divorce or child custody for any person includes a roller coaster of emotions. As a family law attorney, I want to ensure that you are legally prepared for what is ahead and can get a fair and proper settlement, or if needed, are ready to fight in Court to protect your interest.

Tarrant County Family Law Bar Association

Tarrant County Bar Association

Eldon B. Mahon American Inn of Court

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Family Law Specialist


3500 Hulen Street, Suite 200

Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Office: 817-585-8888

Direct: 817-922-3970

Law Office of Andrew Griffin

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